Recent etchings, objects, paintings (small selection)


Circles, late 90s
Exploring the form and symbolism of the  circle, occasionally within the square. Followed by theoretical research about the circle in contemporary art.

Early Paintings, Drawings, Etchings


The ordinary, 2008

​Daily drawing during or just after 2 weeks spent in silence in Devon, England. 

Five Senses 2000 Installation Created for Chapel in Issy-Les-Moulineaux, Pigment powder, Acrylic, on Wooden Diptych.​  How two people meet through the five senses. Framed by expressions about the senses: an English and a French layer. The colors and forms respond to the unusual and sensitive exhibit space, which was soon to become desacralized. 


​Little Stitchings

(Petites Coutures) late 90s, from recuperated material: discarded cardboard disks and unused fabric, recuperated at night in the Sentier sewing district in Paris.

Large Formats, 1990s

Pigment powder on canvas, fixative. Working 

with gesture, eyes, hands and body movement in response to large format. Distributing pure colored powder on drum-like canvas.​

Cushin, ink on paper, 2008,10 x12 cm