Negotiations, Mikado/Pick up Sticks, 2015 56 seconds.

Exploring the myriad little and big things that are decided upon collectively. 

Sacre du Printemps, Sacr/ilège(s)​ 2013
Commissioned by BodyCinema. In commemoration of the 100 year anniversary of the revolutionary composition and performance of Sacre du Printemps by Stravinsky, several of us were given a piece of the composition, chosen at random, to create a moving image for. This part comes from a section called "Mystic Circle", a part when the maidens are dancing together, before the sacrificial maiden is chosen. 3/4 format was requested.


Two Apples, 2012

Exploration of "The ordinary". Here: the transformation of two apples. Both utensils are gifts. The last one is an heirloom from Tianjin, China, from paternal grandmother, Bessy Almatia Dyer Allen, where she had gone, at 20, by train and then ship, to work as a an English teacher, in 1923, shortly before the Chinese Civil War, and before coming back, and settling down to a long life of migrant domesticity. Soundwork involved 

splicing, cutting, looping some music by Mr. Quark.

Point Zero, 2011
Collective & Public, and Personal & Private Ritual, working with intermediality, supported by the work of Alluna Company. Going from microcosm (micro-organisms, fermentation) to macrocosm, (filmed just after sunset on winter solstice - in the center of Paris, at Point Zero).