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Abandon and Holding in the Creative Process: Questioning its link with multiplicity of languages

Abandon and Holding in the Creative Process

Exploring the notions of Abandon (in the sense of "letting go") and Holding (in the sense of mastery or control) in the creative process. When looking at the creation of something, it's possible to look at it, analyze it, in terms of what part or aspects of the creative process may have come from states of abandon and what aspects from holding.

Multiplicity of Languages

Born in one linguistic environment, yet spending much of one's life in another, one is often moving back and forth between two or more languages. It's possible that the shift from one language to another shed light on (or obscure) what is said, written or thought. The same could be said relative to changing of mediums or approaches in art.

When considering navigating between languages, metaphors of movement could come to mind: travelling relatively rapidly between languages in a clear direction, just as the movement ship, plane, or energetic horse might convey us somewhere, covering a good distance in a fairly short time, as when translating a document or interpreting a text, focusing on a clear goal within a short time frame. Or one could more amble between languages, by skips, hops, tumbles, slipping back and forth between, enonciating words from one language, perhaps lingering, before sliding back into the other language.

What might be some of the links between these two areas (1. abandon and holding and 2. multiplicity of languages) ?

The screenshot from the 52 second video "Pick up Sticks, Negotiations. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VcTykzqCrQI, made in 2015.

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 08.11.32.png

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