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Optimum Attention?

An outer short term project eventually whispers, then calls, and finally starts to scream for attention, due to outer deadlines. Some aspects of this particular short term project, will, unexpectedly, contribute to the long term project.

However I'm not left with a sense of freedom in terms of time organization today, and today, that irks me. I was intending to work on the overall framework and structure of the long term project, rather than to have a finely detailed look at one aspect of it, as I will do.

At the same time, a completely unrelated "unavoidable thing to take care of" requiring attention, time, energy, has popped up and even eaten into nightime rest, not leaving the fresh and clear morning mind, experienced over the few days previous.

There's some apprehension that his less fresh awakening will influence quality of thought for both the short and long term project, which both, in this case, require quite focused thought and concentration. There could be, if not needing to respect various deadlines, a thought of dropping both, and doing something requiring less mental attention. That doesn't seem to be an option today. So, even starting out the day, with what seems to be a not-optimum state of concentration, energy, endeavoring to move forth, as can be done, seems essential.

This is presumably "part of the process". Everything is not optimum all the time and one just needs to make do and move forth.


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